LDI Strategies

Dynamic and Custom Risk Transfer Solutions

PH&N Institutional is a leader in designing and implementing custom liability-driven investing (LDI) solutions. Our LDI practice is among the most experienced in Canada, and is supported by sophisticated risk systems, and our ability to incorporate a complete suite of leading investment strategies such as globally sourced credit and smart beta. LDI solutions seek to

  • reduce interest rate risk,
  • enhance portfolio yields,
  • diversify return-seeking assets,
  • dynamically adjust asset allocation,
  • and transfer risk.

The PH&N Institutional LDI Advantage

  • More than 25 years of experience designing and implementing LDI solutions
  • Dedicated and experienced team of investment and pension specialists
  • Access to the specialized credit, alternatives and equity expertise of 19 investment teams located globally
  • Rigorous portfolio monitoring using proprietary risk and portfolio management systems and infrastructure
  • Long-term partnerships focus on client objectives and success

“The chief benefit of shifting from a traditional, asset-only investment strategy to an LDI strategy is that it improves a portfolio's likelihood of being able to fund a known stream of future obligations, such as benefits payments to pension plan beneficiaries.”

- Terri Cugno, Institutional Portfolio Manager, PH&N Institutional

Spectrum of PH&N Institutional’s Customized LDI Solutions

Client Objectives
PH&N Institutional's
LDI Offering

LDI Case Study 1: Aligning the Assets with Future Liability Risks

Analyzing the changing environment for a multi-employer pension plan with a view to re-aligning their portfolio's assets and future liabilities


LDI Case Study 2: Dynamic and Custom Risk Transfer Solutions

Implementing a de-risking glide path to address the updated investment policy of a defined benefit pension plan


Practical De-Risking Solutions: Asset Duration and Interest Rate Risk

Managing the mismatch in interest rate exposures of a plan's assets and its liabilities, and practical approaches to implementing policy decisions



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