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Helping Institutional Clients Incorporate Greater ESG Awareness into Their Portfolios

2020 Responsible Investment Webinar

As an investment manager, we have an enduring duty to our clients to explore all factors that could impact the performance of the companies held in their portfolios. As a responsible investor, we have long understood that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors can contribute to sustainable portfolio performance over time in virtually every asset class. Furthermore, ESG factors are increasingly explicit within our clients' investment policy statements for a variety of reasons, including:

  • a desire among fiduciaries for investment activities to align overtly with the organization's mission or beliefs,
  • rising interest among plan members for the investment philosophy of their retirement assets to reflect personal and professional priorities,
  • the evolving expectations of donors and other contributors of funds, and
  • changing regulations, especially for pension plans.

RBC GAM 2020 Responsible Investment Survey

Recently, RBC GAM surveyed institutional investors in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia about trends, attitudes, and opinions regarding responsible investing. PH&N Institutional was instrumental in engaging Canadian institutional audiences.

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“More powerful than a simple investment screen, ESG implicates the fundamental analysis process itself. Our fund managers see ESG issues as possible – albeit non-traditional – sources of risk; and, therefore, also as sources of opportunity with the potential to enhance portfolio performance over the longer term.”

- Andrew Sweeney, Institutional Portfolio Manager, PH&N Institutional

How will Changing Regulations Affect Pension Plans and Endowments?

As pension legislation evolves, more clients are incorporating ESG into institutional portfolios


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