Fundamental and Quantitatively Driven Investment Approaches

PH&N Institutional offers institutional clients a broad range of actively managed equity strategies across different styles and geographies.

  • Canadian Equities: Value, Growth, Quantitative Core, Quantitative Active Extension, Socially Responsible
  • Foreign Equities: Fundamental Core, Quantitative Core, Emerging Market Core, Emerging Market Value, Socially Responsible
  • Outcome-Oriented Equities: Low Volatility, Income, Market Neutral
  • Specialized Equities: Canadian Small Cap, U.S. Small and Mid-Cap, Emerging Market Small Cap, Global Natural Resources

The PH&N Institutional Equity Advantage

  • Harnesses the expertise of 13 RBC GAM investment teams located around the world committed to disciplined stock selection and rigorous risk management
  • Custom structuring of portfolio solutions

“Equity investing has become more and more global in nature, and the importance of risk management and environmental, social, and governance considerations have grown. Canadian institutional portfolios today have evolved considerably from even five years ago.”

- Paul Martin, Institutional Portfolio Manager, PH&N Institutional

Fundamental Equities

  • U.S. Equities
  • Global and EAFE Equities
  • Asian Equities
  • Emerging Market Equities

QUBE Quantitative Equities

A suite of core, low volatility, and market neutral Canadian, U.S., and Global equity solutions


  • Active Extension Equities
  • Market Neutral Equities
  • Engineered Solutions

Global Expertise

Bringing the world to Canadian institutional portfolios



Responsible investing in institutional portfolios


De-Risking your Pension Plan's Equity Portfolio?

Our low-volatility equity strategies can help

New Release

Active Share

A balanced examination of the merits and shortcomings of active share as a measure of active management