Unique Needs Drive Distinct Solutions

Institutional clients require investment solutions tailored for their financial objectives, as well as guidance for navigating the intricacies of strategic portfolio decisions. We draw from a wide range of strategies and expertise to deliver actively managed pooled and segregated solutions.

PH&N Institutional's Portfolio Managers help clients address the challenges of changing global markets, regulations, and fiduciary considerations. To address each client's unique needs with effective portfolio design, they collaborate with experts at PH&N Institutional, and elsewhere at RBC GAM, including the PH&N Institutional Portfolio Solutions group, which provides innovative ideas and rigorous analyses.

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“Adding value while controlling risk is the bedrock of our investment philosophy.”

- Michael Borden, Institutional Portfolio Manager, PH&N Institutional


Our equity strategies are well diversified, actively managed, and target a range of specific investment objectives.

Fundamental: Core, GARP, Value, Growth, Income, Socially Responsible

Quantitative: Core, Low Volatility, Market-Neutral

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Fixed Income

We aim to add value in fixed income portfolios through the use of multiple strategies and active management.

Broad market: Short-Term Bonds, Core Universe Bonds, Long-Term Bonds, Socially Responsible Core Universe

Specialty: Corporate Bonds, High Yield Bonds, Mortgages, Private Placement Infrastructure Debt, Emerging Market Debt, and Real Return Bonds

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Leading-edge alternative strategies aim to reduce portfolio volatility and increase diversification.

Absolute Return, Long/Short, Event-Driven, Market-Neutral, Direct Lending, Multi-Strategy, and Global Unconstrained Fixed Income

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We have extensive experience in strategic and tactical asset mix and allocation guidance.

Asset Allocation, Balanced, Target Date Funds, Multi-Asset Class

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Responsible investing in institutional portfolios


Reducing Funded Status Volatility

Find out more about absolute return strategies


Liability-Driven Investing (LDI)

Our LDI practice is one of the most experienced in Canada



Working together to benefit our mutual clients