Building More Efficient Portfolios

PH&N Institutional offers a variety of custom alternative investment solutions designed to help Canadian institutional investors better address their long term investment objectives.

  • Fixed Income: Global Fixed Income & Credit, Emerging Markets, Enhanced Fixed income, Event-Driven Credit, Sovereign Credits, Long-Short Strategies, Absolute Return Strategies
  • Equities: Market Neutral, Active Extension, Enhanced Equity
  • Diversified: Absolute Return, Specialty Credit & Foreign Exchange, Multi-Strategy, Engineered Solutions
  • Specialty: Conventional Domestic Mortgages, High Yield Domestic Mortgages, European Direct Lending

The PH&N Institutional Alternatives Advantage

  • Harnesses the expertise of 9 RBC GAM investment teams located in Canada, the U.S., and U.K., each committed to disciplined security selection and rigorous risk management
  • Experienced asset allocation, governance, risk management, and investment policy experts

“Canadian institutional investors with both return-seeking and liability-hedging portfolios are increasingly looking to alternative investment strategies in an effort to enhance risk-adjusted returns, reduce volatility and minimize correlations within portfolios.”

- Erick Zanker, Institutional Portfolio Manager, PH&N Institutional

Fixed Income Alternatives

Global credit strategies include:

  • Investment grade absolute return bonds
  • Credit alpha long-short
  • Emerging markets corporate alpha strategy
  • Event-Driven credit
  • Global sovereign opportunities

Private Markets

  • Canadian conventional and high yield domestic mortgages
  • Private placement corporate debt
  • European direct lending

QUBE Strategies

Canadian, U.S., and global market neutral equity strategies invest in a portfolio of securities that are expected to outperform, while selling short an equivalent dollar amount of a portfolio of securities that are expected to underperform.

The 120/20 Canadian equity strategy holds long positions in companies expected to outperform while shorting companies expected to underperform (approximately 20% of the portfolio).

Diversified Alternatives

Our core multi-strategy solution is a strategically managed portfolio of RBC GAM strategies in an efficient pooled fund structure appropriate for a portable alpha strategy or a return-seeking portfolio.

Engineered Solutions

These solutions seek to harness our innovative structuring capabilities, infrastructure, and leading alternatives capabilities.

Global Expertise

Bringing the world to Canadian institutional portfolios


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